Corangamite Region   'Brown Book'   - How to optimise your soils to enhance productivity

The Corangamite Region  "Brown Book" is a sustainable agricultural information resource. It is designed to address the needs of farmers for simple solutions to relevant problems and questions in the effective management of soils to enhance productivity.

Information is presented as a series of relevant regional problems and questions that have been organised around six broad topics. Practical management solutions to these problems are provided with local examples wherever possible. This approach makes the "Brown Book" a unique reference for farmers.

These problems and questions have been compiled by regional soil experts based upon what they deem to be the most important issues that are experienced within the Corangamite region. There are certainly additional problems that will not be addressed within this resource.

In the process of addressing these problems and questions it is beneficial for land managers to modify management practices that are needed for soils to reach their productive potential. These practices are based around:
  • increasing organic matter inputs to �feed the soil�, and
  • reducing soil disturbance to enhance biological function
In addition to this website, a condensed version of the Brown Book is available as a �Ute Guide�.

The producers of this resource would like to acknowledge the assistance of staff from the Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria - Farm Services Division.
This project is supported by the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority, through funding from the Australian Government�s Caring for our Country

Page Updated: September 2013
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